Well, thanks to my wonderful friend, Heather, sharing this article about productivity, I am on Day 11 in my chain of productivity challenge, ( a chain which remains unbroken, might I add.)  I have never been a planner outer of tasks..   
     In my younger days of wife/motherhood (cuz let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken at 31) I used to make myself endless lists to keep from forgetting to do daily tasks (i.e. dusting, floors, laundry, bathroom cleaning etc..) but as time passed, I grew weary of all that and I realized that hubby couldn’t care less about a tidy house, so I gradually let that slip away.

     A few times in my life I have been in tip top physical condition (and I could be there again if I could just find the “give-a-damn” to count every single calorie of intake.. again) but that part is a different battle for another post lol.. Anyhow, the point is that I did exercise 6 out of 7 days, and I let that slip away as well.

     The point of all this is that now after reading half of the article in this link, (cuz I don’t really like to read, and seldom make it to the end of anything over a few paragraphs… I have the attention span of a moth which you can probably detect by my writing style _ or lack there-of) I am now happy to say that there is at least 1 structured hour in every day of my life (applause please haha)

     Strange as it may seem, here is the breakdown:
(At least) 15 minutes of  exercise
(At least) 15 minutes of cleaning
(At least) 15 minutes of hooking (working on crochet projects) [hooking is what us hookers call that, lol, cuz crocheters crocheting just isn’t as catchy as hookers hooking ;)~ ]
(At least) 15 minutes spent making wooden hooks  
I threw in the ‘at least’ part because I find that once you get in 15 minutes at something *cleaning* you usually just keep going for quite a bit longer 🙂

     Needles to say, the home is a good bit more clean and organized, I have that wonderful burning in my leg muscles that only comes from daily exercise, I have 5 completed wooden hooks and a lot more in the works, and I have finished quite a handfull of crochet works in progress [henceforth referenced as w.i.p.s.  …cuz that’s what us hookers call it ;)~ ]

   Queue the music… here is the part all that led up to, the link!! Enjoy 🙂

Seinfeld Productivity Thingy Majig..

“The 5 completed wooden hooks!” image



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