A little birdy called me…


Literally, a little birdy came and sat on my front porch and sang a song that got my attention. Of course, he flew away when I came to see, but it made me walk outside and appreciate how close we are here in SC to the beginning of autumn. It is a cool 81 degrees, as long as I can stay in the shade, the sun makes it less fun.. Anyhow, I finished my late lunch, a salad with black beans and crushed white corn tortilla chips topped with spicy ranch dressing, and put off the exercise and load of laundry to be folded to come outside and crochet for the next 45 minutes until my daughter’s bus gets here, and enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping and bugs buzzing [and my nephew cross the way fighting imaginary opponents with his light sabre 😉 hehe] The more tedious tasks can wait until later on today 🙂 I hope you all are enjoying your day as well 🙂




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